Our Story


We make gorgeous, insanely, memorable high quality and affordable imprint jewelry and life casting pieces in the United Arab Emirates and shipped worldwide. We don’t just sell products, we sell feelings and memories – Our mission is to make sure that our client’s moments are always treasured and forever reserved- so, let us “ Cherish your memory!”


A 2017 trip with family to Toronto, Canada further inspired and confirmed a lifelong love and appreciation for the aesthetic, emotional impact of life casting and imprint jewelry, and the vibe to capture a specific moment in life.

However, when I went back to the Middle East, I was disappointed to find that it’s rare to find a shop that would sell or make life casting and imprint jewelry the way I saw and imagined, the way they have to be perfect, unique and made just for me.

Based out of our Dubai office, ROZMEMORIES mission started from creating our professional perfect castings which can catch the moment, to designing the best imprint jewelry based on personal prints, pictures, drawings, handwritings or even their sound waves – We ship worldwide at affordable rates and allow complete custom designs- all as a result of our talented and dedicated artists and designers with passion of delivering the very best customer service.


  • We are the first in the Middle East to offer luxury, memorable and unique prices for imprint jewelry & life casting.
  • Our products treasure your memory, cherish your moment for anyone or for your lovely pet, whenever and wherever you are.
  • Each piece is made of love by our team of talented and dedicated artists and designers.
  • We ship worldwide at affordable rates.
  • Customer service with passion for delivering the best service.
  • Our life casting materials are 100% safe to use for as young as newborns.