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Do you wonder if you lost your pet what gonna happen? if someone finds him/her how is he going to know who this pet belongs to, your number or your location? we solve this problem for you! This Pet Tag engraving with QR Code can return your beloved pet to you if he/she get lost. Only scan the code by the phone and all your information will be downloaded to the finder’s phone. It’s also a beautiful piece of Pet Jewelery around your pet’s neck. It’s made from Stainless Steel and can be made of other Materials like silver and gold. Your finished piece of Jewelry will come beautifully presented in a ROZMEMORIES box and delivered to your door.

Size: W25mm x H35mmm

Material: Stainless Steel

Packaging: Luxury ROZMEMORIES Velvet Gift Pouch

Pet Lost & Find Tag – QR Code


38 in stock

Tag Information

Provide the details to include on the Pet’s Profile when QR Code is scanned.

Pet’s Name * 

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